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Create a will online in as little as 20 minutes and fulfil your religious obligation.

Islamic will writing made easy.

Gone are the days where you need to see a solicitor to write an Islamic will. For decades, will writing has been slow, overpriced and complicated. We created True Wills to change that.

Protect your religion, children, wealth
with an Islamic will

Fulfil your family’s rights

We’ll calculate the share of wealth each family member inherits, according to the guidelines set out in the Qur’an and Sunnah.

Choose who takes care of your children

By appointing a guardian in your will, you enjoy the peace of mind knowing who takes care of your children.

Decide who you leave your money to

Split up to a third of your wealth between a charity, friends and relatives who aren’t entitled to inherit from you.

Make changes for free

Whether you move homes or are expecting a child, make unlimited changes for free in the first year.

Approved by our in-house solicitor

Your will is compliant with both English and Islamic law and we have an in-house solicitor that specialises in both.

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If you have questions or run into technical issues, our team is only a message away.

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm

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Create your Islamic will in three simple steps


Answer our straightforward questions

Complete your online Islamic will in as little as 20 minutes. Only pay once it’s ready to be checked


Checked by our expert

Our service includes expert checking by our in-house solicitor, taking only up to 7 days.


Print and sign

After completing your Islamic will and getting it approved, simply print and sign it in front of two witnesses.



Type of will

When your estate is worth less than £350,000

Included as standard

Free unlimited changes to your will for a year.

Let’s begin


Creating a will in the privacy of your home is a private matter. With our top-class security systems, you can be confident that the content of your will is entirely secure and confidential.

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Make a will
over the phone

If you don’t feel confident enough to write your will online, our will specialist would be happy to make it over the phone instead. We can then email your will to you or print and send by post.

Frequently asked questions

If you die without a will, your wealth will be distributed according to intestacy laws – which isn’t in accordance with shariah. If you’re a Muslim living in the UK, creating a will is your religious obligation.

Yes. You can leave a message or instructions for your loved ones in your Islamic will. For example, include the Mosque you prefer your Janazah to be held in or the cemetery you wish to be buried in.

Executors and trustees carry out the instructions in your Islamic will after you die.

Executors carry out funeral wishes, apply for probate and value your estate. Trustees manage the trusts which are placed in your will i.e. they look after your wealth in line with your wishes but at their discretion.

To make your will legally binding you need to sign it alongside two witnesses. Your witnesses also need to add their own details and signatures.

Some family members are entitled to inherit more from your wealth than others, according to the guideline set out in the Qur’an and Sunnah. We will calculate the share each family member inherits based on your circumstance. We don’t need to know the amount of money you have to calculate this. The share they each inherit will appear as a fraction in your letter of wishes attached to your Islamic will.

The cost of writing an Islamic will online is £98, saving you over £200 compared to high street solicitors. You can begin by writing your will for free through our portal – you only need to pay once you’re finished and ready for your Islamic will to be checked by our in-house solicitor.

Once your Islamic will is complete, you can make as many updates as you like in the first year, absolutely free. Bear in mind, once your will has been signed in front of two independent witnesses it is a legally binding document. Therefore if you update your will, it has to be printed and signed in front of two independent witnesses again.

To keep things simple, we allow you to choose the same people as your executors and trustees. You can choose family, friends, or a mix of both.

Please select two people and ensure that they’re over 18, are trustworthy and can comfortably manage finances and paperwork.

The cost of creating an Islamic will over the phone is £148, saving you over £200 compared to high street solicitors. You can begin by requesting a free callback and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours. Our in-house solicitor will take you through each step, tailoring a will to you and your situation. Upon completion, we’ll either email your will over or send it to you by post.

As a Muslim, you can leave up to 33% of your total wealth to a charity and to friends. Including a charity in your Islamic will is a great opportunity to earn Sadaqah Jariyah, a continuous and ongoing charity after you die. We have a list of over 1000 UK registered Muslim charities for you to choose from. You may also include relatives who aren’t entitled to inherit from you. Leaving a gift in your Islamic will is entirely optional.

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