Death, a question of when, not if.

Death, a question of when, not if.


The one certainty in life. The question is, do you fear it? You’re putting it off, aren’t you? Procrastinating, avoiding, delaying… and not making a will because you dislike thinking, let alone speaking about death.

You see, the difference between us and the earlier Muslim generations is how we deal with the subject of death.

The earlier generations embraced death and some even looked forward to it. They remembered that this life is temporary, the place in between.

Admit it, however, you run from death.

Today, in the world of a widespread virus, people are more fearful than ever before.

Yet, and truth be told, speaking about death is still seen as a taboo subject.

So why a will? Why now?

A Will is a written record of your wishes post death, and given that there is no doubt you will die, the question arises, what preparation have you made? Honestly, there is no reason for you not to prepare yourself to face it.

Like an ostrich with your head in the ground, the only thing you’ll be doing (by not making a will) is to make your family suffer after your inevitable passing.

Surely you want to avoid such heartaches?

A will takes as little as 20 minutes and to your surprise, it’s affordable.

In fact, it can save you money in the long run and it’s necessary if you’re a Muslim living in the UK. So, if there’s something I’d like you to take away from today, it’s this…

…don’t put-off learning about and thinking about making your Islamic will!

Make the necessary preparations for the certainty which soon approaches.