Have you prepared for a trip of a lifetime?

Have you prepared for a trip of a lifetime?

For many people, a trip of a lifetime may be Disneyland or the Maldives or even climbing Machu Pichu. For us as Muslims, however, the trip of a lifetime is Hajj.

In the past, it was a trip of a lifetime, why? Because the Hajji may not make it back to his family given the arduous journey and risk of death. Now it’s a trip of a lifetime because you can probably only afford to do it once.

What remains true then and today, however, is that when contemplating Hajj people automatically contemplate their own mortality.  Few people will be able to go on Hajj this year, but does that mean we don’t focus on the lessons?  

The greatest lesson of Hajj is one of sacrifice of one’s own life. We see this from the story of Hajjar (AS) running for water between Safa and Marwa and the sacrifice of Ismail (AS). They were ready for death, but are we?

Being ready for death, whether as a Hajji or someone sitting at home means being ready spiritually and practically. It’s the practical readiness which is why there’s always a huge spike in the number of people writing wills when dhul-Hijjah enters.

That trip of a lifetime can also signify death as it’s the one trip you won’t return from. Just as we prepare for other trips, we must be prepared for that trip.

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