I’m too young to write a will, right?

I’m too young to write a will, right?

For many Muslims, writing your will can be reasonably straight forward… or at least we like to think so.

You can put an age on many things. 

Taking your GCSEs for example or learning to drive. Getting married, having children, retiring or even writing a book.  

What you’re not told, however, is the right time to write your will.

Should you write one when you’re 40?

Do you write it the day you become a grandparent?

How about putting it off until you’re retired?

The truth is your will has absolutely nothing to do with your age.

To really understand this, you must first understand the purpose of a will.

As Muslims, the moment you become legally responsible (an adult), you should be writing a will – especially if you have any personal belongings. Even if it’s only a bike you own!

At what age should I write my will? 

In England, a will isn’t legally recognised until you’re 18. 

If you are under 18 then now is a good time to:

Keep in mind that you need to write a will

Make the intention to write a will

Learn how to write a will (look out for our free monthly webinar)

And once you’re 18, write a will.

Why should I write my will?

There are many reasons for writing your Islamic will. Here’s a couple:

You’ve had a Nikah but haven’t registered your marriage in England, therefore you aren’t technically married according to English law. Your spouse may not receive anything if you were to die. Surely you want to secure your spouse’s financial future? 

You have children, and you need to appoint their legal guardians in your will. Don’t let the courts decide who takes care of them in the event of your death.

So the question isn’t when should I write my will? 

But rather, why haven’t I written my will already?!

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